Friday, April 25, 2014

Controversial Issues within Advertising

      Because the premise of advertising is to lure consumers into purchasing a production, advertisers are willing to employ any method that will maximize successful marketing and production consumption.  With this being said, some advertisers may use risqué or sexual images to grasp the audience’s attention and entice them with sexual desire.  Further, the use of sexual images in ad campaigns is a controversial issue because it frequently objectifies women.  For example, the ad on the left is meant to market Dolce & Gabbana fashion.  However, rather than the fashion be the main focus of the ad, it seems as though the ad is centered on showcasing gang rape and sexual assault. 
            At the center of the ad, the female seems like she is struggling under the rough grip of a shirtless man, while several other men are surrounding and watching the scene.  This highly sexualized and violent ad was aiming to engage the audience’s attention with a femininely degrading image. 

            As a female who often witnesses female objectification in both advertising and the media, I feel that ads that employ this message lack ingenuity and creativity.  They believe that “sex sells.”  So, what better way to market their new clothing line than to have an attractive and visibly distressed female being straddled by five half-naked men?  By showcasing such an ad, the advertisers are essentially endorsing rape, which is a seriously offensive and violent act against women and also a prevalent issue in the world.  Further, when advertisers believe that an ad as such is acceptable to use, they are demonstrating an ignorance and depletion of ethical and moral understanding.  Did you not notice that your ad is basically illustrating gang rape?

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