Monday, February 3, 2014

The Ford Hybrid Fusion Commercial-- 2/3/2014

            Shown during the 2014 Super Bowl, the new Ford Hybrid Fusion commercial begins with, Rob Riggle, an average-looking comedian/actor, sitting in a modest home as he explains how there will be another commercial following that is twice the length and twice as elaborate as this current one.  This is to advertise Ford’s new Hybrid Fusion has double the fuel economy of the average vehicle.
            The final third of the commercial begins with James Franco, a younger and more attractive actor, sprawled out on a luxurious couch with a tiger next to him.  He portrays Riggle’s original persona and repeats everything that was said in the first third of the commercial, but of course, it is intensified by powerful music, and the tone of his voice has more conviction.  We see that he is in a mansion with women in gowns lining his path.  Fireworks go off, and finally, we see the Ford Hybrid Fusion in all of its glory parked at the mansion’s entrance. 
            Yes, this commercial undoubtedly satisfies nearly every viewer because it first has the relatable, average man simply explaining why we should pick Ford—it is double the fuel economy of the average vehicle.  Then, it is followed by a second commercial that is twice as long as the original (driving home the idea of “double”), which exactly repeats the original but elevates the tone and drama.  As a viewer, the message was very clear—DOUBLE, DOUBLE, DOUBLE!  I also found it extremely humorous and pleasing to watch.  

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